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Heyday lost with you

All this happened
fine lazy day
and the day was sunday.

never ever felt
so happy,
because everything that happened
was so peppy.

the day was dreamy
so real,
everything just happened
in a way is all that i ever cared.

were with me
I was with you,
you made me at ease
with your spell
the time just got flew.

was so reminiscent
in its own way
I had
with me
on that day

Gone gone
so away,
laziness and emptiness on that day.

was trying to capture you
wholly in my
one glance,
u took all of my attention and threw me in trance.

still I was
all the time
all ears for you,
you made
li'l stammered
'coz I thought you are seeing me through.

never felt myself
so blisfully gay
I had
you with me
on that day

Its hard to beleive
I'm still inhaling and exhaling,
your aura
took my breath
and you were so mesmerising.

I got
all my tastebuds revived
I had cranberry juice
while, u were sitting beside.

the eyes of you
ain't stop talking,
for that moment to come again
i m dyingly praying.

for a day,
I knew
you put all my miseries at bay
i had
with me
on that day.

P.S. -- My sincere n genuine accolades to Mr. LoCo for putting up something close to "being fallen in love" in such lovely words.   

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Vikas G said…
seems like wrtten by someone in love.. ;)
written with true emotions...
Anonymous said…
Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..
Anonymous said…
Only Lovestruck chap can write such stuff..
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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James Hill said…
seems like wrtten by someone in love.. ;) written with true emotions...
Antonia said…
thanks for sharing such article useful information.

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