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eco friendly Mr.Bond?

Bob Simmons as James Bond in the gun barrel se...Image via Wikipedia Against the official report of shrinking economy in europe, people cant resist to spend on watching latest british secret service agent flick namely QUANTAM OF SOLACE.But thr are certain thghs that baffle me after watching the movie--
Why bond has been turned into a ruthless serial killer of whoever comes in the way(from stylish gentleman perfecting the art of pretending)..and much concerned about water supplies to Bolivia.While oil becomes the gold of era ...water is the new (as depicted).May be someone has mentored him after the water shower scene in CASINO ROYALE.We really need to think if Bond really is going green ; at least not with those fuel guzzler cars and explosives that generate fugitive emissions.Seems the trend for new gen good guys is to act BADD!Expecting a better Bond movie next time...

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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Converging Idea of Bonus Money

I really don't get that idea of bonus even if i have been living by that for most of my employment history.As an employee, it hardly makes a sense to me to be promised a sum of future money for what is my regular duty.Not that I dont like additional money , I want that additional money paid as my fixed monthly incumbments. Somewhere in my mind there is an idea that tells me that Bonus is a form of suspicion that certain individual or company may not perform it's duty so let's cover our risks.

I must say that to my own standards I am exceptional at performing my duties and its only my boss who fail to recognize my efforts. Sometimes he is the one who belittle my performance to save his own Ass. Having said that, its not unusual for my peers to put me in a category of people who get those grades which put an impressive claim on all Bonus.

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The touch is everywhere. #BringBackTheTouch

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

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Rivers are focal point of civilization and for that, my camera consumes me to record these picture-

It's every day's affairfor some, for many others it provides a dip to salvation.
 We were able to find this 150 yr old well, The river divides geogrphical territory of two cities.

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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage