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Unaccustomed Earth : Jhumpa Lahiri

This book preceding THE NAMESAKE by the author Jhumpa Lahiri and is a collection of short stories beautifully depicting the friction b/w two cultures trying to go parallel with each other.
the diffrnt short stories are --
Unaccustomed Earth // Hell-Heaven //A Choice of Accommodations // Only Goodness // Nobody's Business // Hema and Kaushik
The book has made to " 10 best books in 2008"... in US of A....
Though I feel... we at India are far unaccustomed to receive her messages fully....
I liked one para which conveys ..
"For Human race to progress, they must face the Unaccustomed earth !! " citing the example of farming the same crop on same field again n again can only reduce yield :) ...

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?