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Cathing it up with Cranberry !!

For the worldly wisdom , 2% of it's spirit is not something to boast about however the effect it produces, certainly are!
I loved it for -
First , I can hold it and catch a good bit with everyone pretending its just a Mock tail with sparkling color . Color is certainly attractive and I do wonder if they have it in Sparkling Red wine ( In white wine, it is available).
Second , With the soothing effect it produces; one can have more active conversations where one can win arguments with panache without coming out of sophistication of Social Gathering.
Third , or shall it be the first.. It just fits in in all kind of gathering , not to mention that ladies just Love it as on of my DJ friend shared with me.
If above three are good enough reason for you to try it, Just Do it! Else wait and watch us winning and other whining :P


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Seven Stars not too Far

Haiku #1

Seven stars fill sky Destiny is drawn Question mark
Haiku #2 Seven seas Not too far Close your eyes

Haiku #3 ecstasy unraveled as Days ends in week

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

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