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An Idiot to miss 3 Idiot ?

For few days I am bugged with the hype of 3 Idiots and bugged with questions that so many people have asked me for how could I miss this flick… Makes me feel so pathetic!!

Meanwhile I am still thinking to give it a thought, here are my top 5, very plausible excuses according to me that I brought to counter “WTF …havn’t u watched? “ question --
1. I think I’ll be like a earthworm creeping my way to theatre n then by the time I reach thr , I wud have  missed the show I intended to watch !!
2. I’m too tired to take my virtual girlfriend to movie (she cries a lot) and then she’ll still cry If she gets to know if I went without her!!
3. I will have to watch it thrice to understand it completely coz I can take only 1 idiot at a time.. and watching thrice in a row will even be more idiotic than the movie itself(probably).
4. Movie cast don’t have Priyanka Chopra so Is it optional for me to watch ?
5. I’ve already heard the story in bits n pieces and I like Jigsaw puzzle .. so I created my own story out of it and don’t wanna be challenged for its correctness..huh

Now to be nice and fair… I never wanted to miss this one and there is a dearth of pretty excuse for me to justify it so I am learning to cope up with nagging mob ..
How about AVATAR and Pyar Impossible guys?

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?


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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage

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The world is still beautiful..Isn't it? HomePage