Oct 5, 2010

Article by Richard Branson

Read an article by Richard Branson. It is about weather doing business with friend is a rational decision or a thing to be avoided.
His idea is superb in this regard. According to him, it is encouraged to do business with friends however if the things go sour in business, one must know how to handle the situation so that it does not worsen the relationship. This might be achieved by sitting together, making up mind to face the things and acting together to counter them. If at all it requires separation on business term, welcome it.
Now, this kind of solution might work when the business lines is predefined for each partner. To part ways is very difficult because following
  1. Emotional factors.
  2. Forming consensus on how the business will be divided is likely to be an uphill task.
Beside of all this, looking forward for the things coming next and counter corrective measures will surely help than wasting time over the things that won’t yield much.  

The world is still beautiful..Isn't it?

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